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Who We Are

Danielle MacInnis

Danielle MacInnis is the CEO of MacInnis Marketing. A Marketing Consultancy for small business.

Dan is a highly sought after strategic marketer. Danielle thinks like a customer. Even as a little kid she has always shown deep empathy for others. Dan uses this customer insight to help small businesses create practical marketing strategies that work.

Using this customer centric approach and her 20 years experience in sales and marketing with some of Australia’s leading corporations, Dan takes what is in your head, adds her expertise to create a system to assist you make better marketing decisions, attracts a regular stream of ideal customers and creates a brand that your employees and customers will love!

Her focus has always been on understanding customer needs and company insights to deliver marketing that works.

Dan now runs her own successful consultancy business. She is recognised as a talented marketer by her peers and the Australian Marketing Institute and is now called on to submit articles for publications in a variety of mediums as a marketing expert including Australian Women Mentoring Network, Flying Solo and The Customer Collective.

Danielle now works with CEOs of small businesses helping them make better business decisions, build better teams and brands.Danielle is a recognised CPM (certified practicing marketer) as part of the Australian Marketing Institute and has been certified as a professional in Inbound Marketing. Danielle is also a published author and is on the board as a marketing adviser to the Melbourne Stencil Festival. See Danielle's profile in more detail.

How we solve your marketing issues?

The pain we solve

We know that as a beauty salon or spa business owner, it is likely that you are so busy doing the business, that you don’t have the time to think about it strategically. If you do have a business plan, it's likely to be in your head. This creates stress and anxiety because very often you know what you should be doing, but are not sure how to go about it, or don’t have the resources to do it!

You know you should be looking at how to grow strategically and protect your business for long term, but you know this requires time, energy, expense and expertise. That is why we started MacInnis Marketing.

The best solution

Ideally you want an affordable, practical, and flexible resource that you can use as a coach and expert to strategically guide your ideas for growing your business and implementing them!

Why we are the best at what we do?

We are marketing gurus for small businesses. We take what is in your head and add our 20 years experience in sales and marketing and ensure we have a practical, actionable plan that helps you run your business more effectively and generates profitable customers. We give you the head-space back, tell it like it is, to hold you accountable. Did we mention we keep the whole process simple and pain free? We ensure all your great ideas are heard and actioned to make a real difference to your bottom line. As a small business like you, we are independent consultants, we choose our partners carefully pride ourselves on delivering real value.

Our Value proposition (what makes us special)

We put in place a system that assists you make better marketing decisions, attracts a regular stream of ideal customers and creates a brand that your employees and customers will love.

Our goal

BeautyBizMarketing's goal is to provide practical affordable marketing strategies that generate ideal leads for our beauty business clients. We want you to love us and find us irreplaceable. We strive to provide the sort of insight, marketing genius and value that makes us the stand out choice for you as small business. We achieve this by consistently demonstrating our commitment to our values:

Our Values

Our values describe who we are and how we go about our business, both as a brand, and as a group of high performing individuals. We look for, encourage and develop these values in our team and with through the relationships we build.

  • Authentic - being  honest, being ourselves and doing our best to deliver you with the best marketing solution for your business.
  • Passion for customers - being thoughtful by putting your needs first. By being personally invested by ensuring we deliver great value for your marketing dollar investment.
  • Innovation and IT - keeping abreast of current marketing IT solutions and identifying the most affordable and suitable marketing technology for your beauty business. Yes, that is right we are IT marketing geeks.
  • Creativity and fun - brainstorming, thinking outside the square, enjoying the process and constantly collecting great ideas for marketing in small business.
  • Try to use the pay it forward principals -It begins with doing a favor for another person-- without any expectation of being paid back.

What you get:

1. Solid ideas to improve your business marketing immediately

2. Easy tips to create real prospects

3. The opportunity to ask any questions of a marketing expert

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